Movies resembling KGF to watch

Sarkaru Vaari Paata

Mahesh “Mahi” is a finance agent who founded Mahi Finance Corporation, a loan business, in Miami. When his debtors don’t pay back their loans, he makes their lives into hell. Mahi meets Kalavathi in the interim, and she asks him to give her US$10K, then US$25K, so she can pay for her graduate studies. After lending the money, Mahi quickly develops feelings for Kalavathi. Nevertheless, Mahi discovers that Kalavathi had duped him into requesting the loan and is a compulsive gambler. She threatens Mahi when she is asked to repay the debt by utilizing the influence of her father, Rajendranath, a strong MP, member of the Rajya Sabha, and Vishakapatnam-based industrialist who owns Rajendranath Associates…………….details visit website

Kabzaa (2023 film)

North Indian Maharaja and independence hero Amareshwara is brutally assassinated by the British in 1945 during their control. His wife Tulasi Devi (Sudha) and sons Arkeshwara and Sankeshwara move to Amarapura and work as flag merchants. While Sankeshwara (Suneel Puranik) gives up his dream of enlisting in the Air Force to support his brother, Arkeshwara (Upendra) becomes an air force pilot in 1971. For a brief vacation, Arkeshwara goes back to Amarapura, where he spends time with his mother and girlfriend Princess Madhumati (Shriya Saran), the daughter of Veer Bahaddur (Murali Sharma), the maharaja and head of the city…………………………………………………


The Siddhavanam forest encircles the temple towns of Dharmasthali and the nearby hamlet of Padaghattam. The values and devotion to the goddess Gattamma that unite Dharmasthali and Padaghattam. Basava, the local municipal chairman, is in charge of Dharmasthali and rules it with an iron hand. For mining interests, he plans to grant Rathod and his brother the estates of Dharmasthali and Padaghattam. Because of Basava’s harsh rule, the Padaghattam people, who are renowned for their proficiency in Ayurvedic medicine, begin to visit Dharmasthali less regularly.

Nani’s Gang Leader

After six people successfully robbed a bank worth ₹300 crore (US$38 million), one robber killed the other five and made off with the money. Five grieving women: Priya, who lost her fiancé Avinash; Saraswati, who lost her grandson; Varalakshmi, who lost her son; Swati, who lost her elder brother; and Srinidhi (Chinnu), who went mute after losing her father. Saraswati gathers them to exact revenge on those who have wronged them. The five women approach Pencil Parthasarathy, a part-time crime writer who subtly rewrites the stories of American films into local Telugu books in an attempt to find the perpetrator. Pencil initially declines, but after seeing it’s a decent and likely original plot, he offers to assist them………


In police encounters, Mumbai Police Commissioner Aditya Arunachalam is seen executing thugs in the area. His actions are strongly denounced, and the Indian National Human Rights Commission chooses to take legal action against him. A former friend of Aditya’s who is serving on the commission finds out that his daughter Valli’s murder served as the impetus for his killing spree.
As the new Commissioner, Aditya is tasked with stopping the city’s chronic drug trafficking and prostitution. He saves three abducted ladies after reaching Mumbai, one of whom is the daughter of Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister. Seeing an opening, Aditya launches a campaign against the city’s prostitution and drug trafficking networks using the abducted women as justification.

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