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Bachchhan Paandey

A producer assigns aspiring filmmaker Myra Devekar the challenge of writing a suspenseful and violent gangster scenario for a movie. She makes the decision to research the life of a real-life gangster for the script in order to appease the producer’s business vision and her desire to create a realistic movie. Her thorough investigation reveals the terrifying, one-eyed Bachchhan Paandey of Baghwa, a vicious gangster surrounded by oddball but menacing goons……………………………….After closing his pub, Pendulum (Bachchan’s goon), who was married to Pinky (due to Bachchan), opens a cow diary with her. Myra is named best director, Bachchhan is named best comedic actor, and Bhavesh Bhoplo is named best acting coach. His mother, who hasn’t spoken to him in ten years, also respects him. He turns away from crime to pursue a career in acting.

Golmaal Again

Businessman Joy Jamnadas is the manager of an orphanage in Ooty, where Gopal, Madhav, Lucky, Laxman, and Laxman 2 are the orphans. Laxman has trouble speaking, Lucky is silent, and Gopal fears spirits. They also know that Anna, the librarian, has ghost and spirit sightings. The lads adopt a baby girl they find, giving her the name Khushi and providing for her needs. A quarrel breaks out between the boys one day after Madhav tricks and frightens the shy Gopal in an abandoned bungalow owned by Jamanads’s devoted friend Colonel Chauhan. After Gopal receives a punishment, he and Laxman decide to leave the orphanage. Soon after, Madhav, Lucky, and Laxman follow suit. Later, Col. Chauhan and his spouse adopt Khushi……………………………………..This sparks a battle, in which Khushi strikes Nikhil and almost kills him before Anna calms him down and Vasu persuades Nikhil to confess. Khushi’s soul bids the boys and Anna farewell before ascending to paradise, with the orphanage spared.


The ill luck that befalls Raj Kishore also befalls his lifelong pals Chandrakanth, popularly known as “Chandu,” and Jagmohan, commonly known as “Junky.” Every business endeavor the three undertakes ends in failure or loss; their firecracker shop even burns down on its first day of operation. By persuading Sanjana fall in love with Raj and obtaining a bank loan to launch a new package delivery company, the three deceives Sanjana. Her uncle discovers they’ve conned them previously and demands their money back, having also been duped by them………………………………………………… Additionally, Raj manipulates Niraj’s goons into holding onto the money for themselves. Three escaped lions engage in combat, which ends with detectives showing up to apprehend Niraj. Raj, Junky, and Chandu work with WiFi Bhai and Raja Sahab to resolve their issues. They have a long and happy marriage.


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Vikas “Hunny” Gulati and Dilip “Choocha” Singh, two school backbenchers from Delhi, are always dreaming of being famous and want to enroll in the local college but lack the necessary grades. The campus security guard Pandit informs them that, in exchange for a sizeable sum, he can provide them access to the stolen class XII documents. Choocha is endowed with a godgift that allows him to see the winning lottery number in his dreams, whereas Hunny is able to extract the precise number from dreams. They attempted to sell the papers to other students but were unsuccessful there as well because they could not afford or gather the necessary funds………………………….. Three months later, it is revealed that Pandit is startled to see Hunny and Choocha, who have become wealthy and are riding horses to the same college as they had intended at the beginning of the movie. Along with Lali getting new girlfriends, Shalu is jealous. Neetu proposes to Zafar, and Priya gets back together with Honey. Priya, Zafar, Neetu, and Lali are laughing heartily.

Chillar Party

In the Mumbai community of Chandan Nagar, eight naive yet spirited children live carefree lives. Each of them has a personality and a moniker based on these attributes. Furthermore, their entire squad has a nickname that has brought them a great deal of attention. Their primary adversaries are the “oversized” neighboring cricket team, whom they consistently lose to, and a dog they christened “Loose Motion” because she stains their cricket field, leading them to become antagonistic toward dogs…………………………………………………….. Bhidu suddenly bursts in, donning a collar that reads, “Bhidu-Chandan Nagar Society.”. Although they are delighted to meet Baidu, they also notice that Tandon has changed his mind during the altercation; he is now joyful and can be seen supporting them.

Fukrey 3

After the events of the last movie, Hunny, Choocha, and Lali receive a store called the “Janta Store” from the Delhi government. With Pandit’s assistance, they manage the stores, but they are in disarray, and the Fukras are making ends meet by taking on menial tasks. Bholi Punjaban, who owns a waterpark and is a crooked businessman who profits from the suffering of the underprivileged, is supporting Bholi Punjaban’s candidacy for the Water Section of the Delhi election. Bholi cleans a public restroom to attract the attention of the underprivileged, but Choocha does a modest act of kindness there that wins the people over…………………………………….. When the Fukras arrive in Bangalore, the Fuel Minister of Bangalore calls them, but instead of Hunny’s sweat and Choocha’s pee turning into petrol, Choocha, who hadn’t taken a dump since South Africa, did so during the flight. Zafar, who is in Goa, finds the diamond that fell from the Fukras’ flight. As the movie comes to a close, Bholi is after Choocha, and Pandit is right behind them.


In the altered theatrical version, Akshay Kumar plays a messenger for Lord Shiva instead of the character that he played in the original film. This story is written within the setting of the censored release, using Akshay’s persona as a messenger.

Lord Shiva’s ardent follower Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi) has a storefront outside the city’s well-known Mahakaal temple. One day, he receives a call to the hospital informing him that his son Vivek (Aarush Varma) had taken several Viagra pills and had been up all night masturbating till he passed out. According to Vivek’s friend, an insecure Vivek was teased about the size of his penis and told that masturbating would make it bigger. Vivek’s school biology teacher refused to respond to his inquiries, which eventually led him to questionable individuals, drugs, and the hospital…………………………….


The timeline of the movie is linked to Golmaal Again and shows the previous occurrences.
Working on the nature vs. nurture debate, Dr. Roy Jamnadas splits up two sets of identical twins he finds outside the orphanage he runs in 1944 and places them up for adoption by two different families in two different cities. Both couples name the pairs Roy and Joy, after Dr. Roy and his own adopted brother Joy. One pair is given to a couple in Ooty, and the other pair to a couple in Bangalore. The father of Roy 1 and Joy 1 owns a circus, and upon his passing, they both assume management of the enterprise……………………………………..


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