வாரிசு (2023) — 169 min – Action, Adventure – 11 January 2023 Your rating: Director:  Vamsi Paidipally Stars:  Vijay, R. Sarathkumar, Rashmika Mandanna, Shaam, Srikanth Meka, Prakash Raj, Yogi Babu, Ganesh Venkatraman, Prabhu, Jayasudha, Sangeetha Krish, Samyuktha Karthik, Nandini Rai, Sriman, VTV Ganesh, S. J. Suryah, Bharath Reddy, Mathew Varghese, Sanjana Tiwari, Mime Gopi, Pondy Ravi, […]

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Spider Man

After reuniting with Gwen Stacy, Brooklyn’s full-time, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is catapulted across the Multiverse, where he encounters the Spider Society, a team of Spider-People charged with protecting the Multiverse’s very existence. But when the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles finds himself pitted against the other Spiders and must set out on his own to save those he loves most.

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Barbie and Ken are having the time of their lives in the colorful and seemingly perfect world of Barbie Land. However, when they get a chance to go to the real world, they soon discover the joys and perils of living among humans.

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एक ऐसे व्यक्ति की भावनात्मक यात्रा जो वर्षों पहले किए गए वादे को निभाते हुए व्यक्तिगत प्रतिशोध से प्रेरित होकर, अपने अतीत से उबरने की कोशिश में, समाज में गलतियों को सुधारने के लिए तैयार है। एक हाई-ऑक्टेन एक्शन थ्रिलर जहां उसका मुकाबला एक भयानक राक्षसी डाकू से है जिसे कोई डर नहीं है और जिसने कई लोगों को अत्यधिक पीड़ा पहुंचाई है। यात्रा में उसकी मुलाकात एक उच्च विचारधारा वाली अनुभवी महिला अधिकारी से

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அயலான் (2024) — 155 min – Science Fiction, Action, Adventure – 12 January 2024 Your rating: Director:  R. Ravi Kumar Writers:  R. Ravi Kumar Stars:  Sivakarthikeyan, Rakul Preet Singh, Isha Koppikar, Sharad Kelkar, Yogi Babu, Bhanupriya, Karunakaran, Balasaravanan, Shan Sharif Khan, Siddharth, Sajol Chowdhury, Rahul Madhav, David Broughton-Davies Photos Storyline Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure Details

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Strange World

A journey deep into an uncharted and treacherous land, where fantastical creatures await the legendary Clades—a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest, and by far most crucial, mission.

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Black Adam

Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the Egyptian gods—and imprisoned just as quickly—Black Adam is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.

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After a migrating duck family alights on their pond with thrilling tales of far-flung places, the Mallard family embarks on a family road trip, from New England, to New York City, to tropical Jamaica.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Black Manta, still driven by the need to avenge his father’s death and wielding the power of the mythic Black Trident, will stop at nothing to take Aquaman down once and for all. To defeat him, Aquaman must turn to his imprisoned brother Orm, the former King of Atlantis, to forge an unlikely alliance in order to save the world from irreversible destruction.

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