Redin Kingsley

Mark Antony

Set in 1995, Mark, a skilled mechanic and the son of a former gangster, stumbles upon a phone that has the ability to connect with the past, tries to save his estranged mother from a grim fate. While facing his own family’s legacy, Mark must navigate through dangerous consequences of altering the past, as it causes unforeseen repercussions in the present.

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கான்ஜூரிங் கண்ணப்பன் (Conjuring Kannappan)

கான்ஜூரிங் கண்ணப்பன் (2023) — 140 min – Comedy, Horror – 8 December 2023 Your rating: Director:  Selvin Raj Xavier Writers:  Selvin Raj Xavier Stars:  Regina Cassandra, Sathish, Saranya Ponvannan, VTV Ganesh, Redin Kingsley, Elli Avram, Jason Shah, Benedict Garrett, Namo Narayanan, Adithya Kathir, Nassar, Anandaraj Photos Storyline Genres: Comedy, Horror Details Official Website:  — Country:   India

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அன்னபூரணி (Annapoorani)

அன்னபூரணி (2023) — 146 min – Comedy, Drama – 1 December 2023 Your rating: Director:  Nilesh Krishnaa Writers:  Nilesh Krishnaa Stars:  Nayanthara, Jai Sampath, Sathyaraj, Karthik Kumar, Poornima Ravi, Redin Kingsley, K. S. Ravikumar, Achyuth Kumar, Sachu, Renuka, Suresh Chakravarthy Photos Storyline Genres: Comedy, Drama Details Official Website:  — Country:   India Language:  Tamil Release Date:  1

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