Mastaney (2023)

NR 145 min - Action, Drama, History - 25 August 2023
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Set in 1739, Nader Shah's undefeated army is attacked by Sikh rebellions. Nadar demands their arrest to no avail. Five civilians are hired to play Sikh rebels but over time, they learn the Sikh way.

Director:  Sharan Art
Writers:  Sharan Art


Set in 1739, Nader Shah's undefeated army is attacked by Sikh rebellions. Nadar demands their arrest to no avail. Five civilians are hired to play Sikh rebels but over time, they learn the Sikh way.

Genres: Action, Drama, History


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Country:   India
Language:  ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
Release Date:  25 August 2023

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Budget:  $2,169,000
Revenue:  $16,367,572

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Runtime:  2 h 25 min

As This Story Of Valor Spreads Across Languages, An Entire Industry Finally Gets The Limelight, However
The direction of Sharan Art is erratic; he excels during battle but is uninteresting in more subdued situations.

What’s Good: A Punjabi filmmaker receives a substantial budget and the opportunity to share a tale that is meaningful to both him and the community with a national audience.

What’s Bad: The author writes the story in extremely broad strokes, like to a stage play, with no room to delve deeper into the complexities of the people and the times, because of the pressure to give to the audience dispersed far and wide.

Mastaney, which delves deeply into Sikh culture, is set in 1739, during the period when Nadar Shah was wreaking havoc across the nation and the Sikhs rose up in rebellion. Five commoners dressed as Sikhs are placed in front of the invader to exact revenge for his defeat. After learning what the Sikh community stands for, the five-person gang that plays them finally joins them in battle.


Filmmakers from specialized industries across the nation are able to share their stories and reach a wider audience. For those who make movies, India is a dream come true. Producers are now more inclined to invest in and trust these specialized voices as a result of RRR making history and winning an Oscar. Has SS Rajamouli, however, also destroyed us by producing material that defies all expectations and drives us insane? We do feel that way when we view something in the same genre that is subpar.

Mastaney is unquestionably a triumphant moment for an industry that has long operated as a subculture. Although the interbreeding of musicians has always been apparent, raising awareness of their world among the Hindi mainstream through their careers as actors is precisely how it has to happen. Enters a hugely budgeted film, starring actors with a moving film to promote rather than the typical renowned Punjabi men you know, fixated on their Pradas and Guccis.

Mastaney is a narrative that is constructed as a history lesson to teach the audience about Sikhism while amusing them. It was written by Sharan Art with dialogue by Harnav But Singh. You may feel that the story was chosen with conviction and sincerity. It will tour the nation educating audiences about a group that has historically been portrayed in popular culture films as comic relief or as irate individuals trashing property. It will also feature hand pumps. The movie aims to serve as your introduction to their way of life, culture, and willingness to battle the elements while maintaining a composed exterior.

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However, despite having all of that and more, Mastaney’s script is under pressure to produce work worthy of its budget. It is evident that the plot is written mostly in broad strokes, much like a stage play with a traditional three-act format and no line blurring. These are people without formal names; because of the historical context, only Nadar Shah is given one; the others are simply referred to by their positions or by their nicknames. Furthermore, the Sikh rebel group—who are the most important character in the story—is overlooked in the first half of the novel while the Mastaneys are being set up. Their reality is never fully presented to us in the first

This narrative has a ton of material because it revolves around a 10-year-old boy using a sword to battle as his small battalion quickly eliminates 120 guys. However, everything appears extremely rushed when viewed on television.

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Set in 1739, Sikh uprisings assaulted Nader Shah’s unbeaten army. Nader tries to arrest them, but his plan fails. Five regular guys are cast as Sikh revolutionaries, but eventually they find out who Sikhs are.

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