Virupaksha (2023)

PG-13 146 min - Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy - 20 April 2023
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Set in a village named Rudravanam in 1990's, Surya along with his mother, visit there after a long time. Suddenly a series of mysterious deaths occur due to an unknown person's occult practice and whole village is scared. Will Surya find the person causing the deaths and save the village?

Director:  Karthik Varma Dandu



Set in a village named Rudravanam in 1990's, Surya along with his mother, visit there after a long time. Suddenly a series of mysterious deaths occur due to an unknown person's occult practice and whole village is scared. Will Surya find the person causing the deaths and save the village?


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Country:   India
Language:  తెలుగు
Release Date:  20 April 2023

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Runtime:  2 h 26 min

A complex, tense thriller With the help of Sukumar’s script and the eerie background score by Ajaneesh B Loknath, Karthik Dandu makes a good movie with Virupaksha.


The supporting cast of the movie has a decent balance of casting against and for type. While Ajay’s portrayal as an Aghora is a breath of fresh air, Brahmaji and Sunil expertly enact the parts they have done in other films. Regarding that, it is also a welcome sight to see Rajeev Kanakala’s character survive the entire movie.

picture critics sometimes employ the expression “old wine in a new bottle” to criticize a picture, which causes them stress and consternation. For the most part, virupaksha is old wine in a new bottle, but what the heck? Is it not the case that wine gets better with age?

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The angry villagers believe that Rudravanam, Venkata Chalapathy, and his wife’s eerie rituals (Black magic) are to blame for the deaths of several people in the village in 1979. The dying woman curses Rudravanam and predicts the village’s destruction in twelve years. Rudravanam and his wife are viciously attacked, taken away, and set on fire. Bhairava, the couple’s small kid, is later placed in an orphanage at the request of Sarpanch Harishchandra Prasad.

In 1991, a week after a resident named Siddhaiah vanished after being mauled by a supernatural crow, Anasuyamma visits her hometown of Rudravanam accompanied by her son Surya and nephew. The purpose of her visit is to donate a portion of their land for the building of a school and to take part in the annual carnival held in honor of Goddess Modamamba. After seeing Nandini, the daughter of Harishchandra Prasad, Surya falls in love with her; she seems to feel the same way, but she is hesitant to say yes to his proposal. It is considered a sacrilege when Siddhaiah, who has contracted a terrible pox, appears in the temple and passes away there. After analyzing the customary edict, the head priest of the temple declares that the Goddess and her children, the villagers, are defiled and that, in order to contain the chaos caused by Siddhaiah’s death, the village must be sealed in eight directions for the next eight days. It is also forbidden to commute, and all religious symbols are to be kept in the temple. Considering that Surya and his family haven’t visited the community in eighteen years, they are allowed to go. However, Surya returns to Rudravanam with a vial that could heal Nandini, who suffers from convulsions and cannot go to the ends of the place for eight days.

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A close friend of Nandini’s, Sudha crosses the line to elope with her lover, Kumar, whose terrible death she witnesses. After returning to the hamlet, Sudha steps into a beehive, setting the bees on fire and killing her. Fearing embarrassment, Sudha’s parents keep her elopement a secret, unaware of her quietus. The murders of Suri, a milkman, and Parvathi, Surya’s cousin, are rumored to have been committed by suicide. Surya is suspicious of these claims and teams up with an RMP doctor to look into the deaths. An Aghora realizes that enforcing the lockdown was a mistake and warns the village of impending dangers.When Surya finds Sudha’s body and learns that Kumar died, he concludes that death is spreading from one victim to another. After finding that Suri saw Sudha die and Parvathi saw Suri slitting his throat at the same moment that Sudha saw Kumar die, Surya finds the most recent potential victim, Nandini, who ultimately considers suicide but is saved by Surya’s prompt intervention. After assimilating the past involving Chalapathy and his family, Surya breaks into their run-down home with the RMP. Suspecting Bhairava, Surya notices a recent visit to the location. After evaluating the decree, the chief priest declares that Nandini’s sacrifice will put a stop to the incidents. Against the residents’ will, After putting Nandini to sleep, Surya promises to find a solution in eight hours. When he goes to Bhairava’s orphanage, he finds that Bhairava fled after immobilizing its founder. While leading a hunt for Bhairava’s hiding place, Surya finds a few Aghoras. He receives help from the Aghora, who had alerted the locals, in locating the cave where the spell was cast. When Surya finds Bhairava’s possessions, he learns that Kumar is actually Bhairava and that the original Rudravanam edict was replaced with a false one that is still in use. Realizing that one of the villagers has been helping and actually telling Kumar how to carry out the curse, Surya discovers that Nandini’s sacrifice is a ruse to destroy the hamlet.

Surya leaves with the Aghora to dissuade the villagers, but the superstitious people in the nearby villages stop him because they are afraid of dying in their hometowns. When he finally returns, he is shocked to find the villagers possessed because Surya’s delay has caused them to carry out the rite. As Surya confronts Harishchandra Prasad, who he believes to be Kumar’s covert partner, he discovers that Nandini is Chalapathi’s daughter, whose identity has been concealed by Harishchandra Prasad. Thinking that Nandini was the main offender, After alerting Harishchandra Prasad about Nandini’s schemes, Surya quickly returns to the sacrificial location. When he confronts Nandini about killing all the innocent people, she doesn’t back down; instead, she tells him to go and tries to carry out the ceremony. She informs him that Chalapathy was an Atharvana Veda practitioner whose attempts to heal his disabled wife were mistakenly seen as wicked deeds in a fit of rage, and that she and Bhairava have been retaliating against the town. Even if Nandini insisted, Refusing to go, Surya tries to help her realize how much she loves him and asks her to stop the ritual. Because of the pendant, Nandini is unable to fight him, instead she expresses her feelings to him by pleading with him to murder her in order to stop the ritual. In order to put a stop to the death epidemic and save the villagers from certain death, he brings himself to stab her.

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Surya asks the people to abandon their taboo against evil deeds and turn Chalapathy’s home into a school at Nandini’s cremation. As he gazes at Nandini’s pendant, his eyes begin to shine strangely.


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