GADDAR 2 (2023 Film Review)


          Anil Sharma is the director, producer, and screenwriter of Gadar 2, an Indian Hindi-language period action drama film from 2023 that is named Rebellion 2 and features Shaktimaan Talwar’s subtitles. It is a follow-up to Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), starring Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Utkarsh Sharma in the characters they played in the first movie.

            Tara Singh goes back to Pakistan during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War to free his son Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh, who is imprisoned.


          Hamid Iqbal, the Pakistan Army’s General in 1954, is seeking revenge from Tara Singh for killing forty of his soldiers as Tara, his wife Sakeena, and their son Charanjeet “Jeete” were fleeing Pakistan. Iqbal executes Ashraf Ali, Sakeena’s father, for helping Tara flee to India.

            Now working as a goods supplier for the Indian Army cantonment in 1971, Tara resides with Sakeena and Jeete, who departs for Chandigarh shortly to pursue his college education. During the Third India-Pakistan War, Lt. Colonel Devendra Rawat contacts Tara one day asking for assistance in getting weapons to Indian soldiers engaged in combat with Pakistani soldiers along the border. When Iqbal notices Tara there, he orders an explosion near the border, which results in the detention of numerous soldiers. When Jeete gets back from Chandigarh, Sakeena is in disarray. In an attempt to save his father, Jeete departs for Pakistan against everyone’s desires after learning of Tara’s disappearance at the border.

Once in Pakistan, Jeete meets Gul Khan, a close friend of Tara, who assists him in getting employment at Kurban Khan’s hotel, which provides meals to the jail housing the Indian soldiers. Muskaan, Kurban’s daughter, whom Jeete befriends and grows close to, keeps encouraging him once she finds out that Jeete is there to save her father. When Jeete breaks inside the prison, he gets apprehended and finds out that Tara was never taken prisoner. In contrast, Tara reappears in Punjab and meets Sakeena again. He tells Sakeena that he fell into a creek and was saved by a Bakarwal clan, but that he later went into a coma. Tara makes the decision to travel to Pakistan in order to free Jeete from prison after finding out that he is there and that he has ceased communicating.

            Tara encounters Gul Khan upon arriving in Pakistan and finds out about Jeete’s apprehension. After falsely accusing Jeete of assaulting Muskaan, Iqbal beats him up and humiliates him in public, forcing Muskaan to lie in order to keep her father safe. Nevertheless, Tara shows up and, after vanquishing Iqbal and his army, flees with Jeete. Yahya Khan, the head of the Pakistan Army and president of Pakistan, gives Iqbal a 72-hour deadline to seize Tara. After contacting Sakeena, Tara and his group are pursued by Iqbal’s men and ultimately split up. After several battles and chases, they eventually get back together and are leaving Pakistan when Muskaan and Kurban Khan appear with their family, who are heading to Balochistan.

            Jeete and Tara gladly accept Kurban Khan’s request for Tara to accept Muskaan as their future spouse. But Iqbal ambushes them, murders Muskaan’s brother Farid, and captures them. The following day, Tara fights Iqbal and his troops on her own and escapes in a war tank with everyone. When they get to the Indian border, Indian soldiers shoot Iqbal dead when he tries to kill Tara. As Tara, Jeete, and Muskaan get back together with Sakeena, Colonel Rawat gives Jeete permission to enlist in the army.


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