मस्त में रहने का (Mast Mein Rehne Ka )

मस्त में रहने का (2023)

127 min - Comedy, Drama - 8 December 2023
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Director:  Vijay Maurya



Genres: Comedy, Drama


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Country:   India
Language:  Hindi
Release Date:  8 December 2023

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Production Companies:  Made in Maurya

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Runtime:  2 h 07 min


Two elderly widows who are lonely with one another find solace in one another. They meet an immigrant tailor who is navigating life and faces his own obstacles along the way. A tale of second chances, forgiveness, and redemption thus begins.

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Story Overview:

In the desolate city of Mumbai, a man decides to rob an elderly widower of his first property, starting a series of events that make them both view life in a different light and make new friends.

A reclusive widower, Kamath, is shocked out of his comfort zone when his Mumbai residence is broken into. The police’s comments about how alone he is unnerve him, so he sets out on a mission to make friends by striking up weird discussions with total strangers. When he comes upon Mrs. Handa, a vibrant Punjabi woman, he is compelled to follow her out of curiosity. Following another heist, this unexpected encounter puts them both in the police station, where their discomfort develops into an unlikely friendship.

Together, through their mutual vulnerability and newly discovered friendship, Kamath and Mrs. Handa create a lovely relationship. They set off on little excursions, exploring deserted homes with a youthful spirit of mischievousness. When they find the thief who mistreated them, their adventures take an unexpected turn, and a series of events begin that entwine their seemingly distinct lives.

Through a sequence of humorous exchanges and touching moments, Kamath and Mrs. Handa successfully negotiate the capricious turns of fate, each rediscovering their inner fortitude. Their voyage demonstrates that life can still be exciting and joyful even in its latter years, while also exposing the flaws of metropolitan living and celebrating the transformational power of human connection.

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In addition to being a story of friendship, writer-director Vijay Maurya and writer Payal Arora’s work explores the animal within each of us as it chronicles the struggle to survive in Mumbai. After losing his job at a tailoring shop, Nanhe encounters Rani (Monika Panwar), a beggar, and their relationship deepens as life throws him curveballs. An incident that reunites Nanhe with Kamath and Prakash marks a significant turning point in their respective narratives.

The film’s most remarkable aspect is how heartbreaking both of the stories are. Prakash-Kamath and Nanhe are compared in an intriguing way because they both break into residences, but for quite different motives, making one less moral than the other.

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In addition to being excellent actors on their own, Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta also have wonderful chemistry together. Their impromptu discussions, including ones concerning body hair, are as poignant and funny as they are profound; Kamath likens his solitary existence to the sound of waves smashing against cliffs. Jackie has a monologue near the end in which he compares life to a video game. It’s a very great scene. While Abhishek Chauhan gives a fantastic performance as well, Monika Panwar steals the show. She may be brazen and fiercely independent, but her heart is in the right place. She doesn’t hesitate to demand respect and doesn’t feel regret for the decisions she has made in life. But the real treat is Rakhi Sawant, who makes a brief appearance as Bilqis, also known as Bimla. Although she is a more subdued version of her off-screen self, her choreography is impressive.

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The film starts out slowly and takes its time to fully captivate you. Additionally, the storyline embellishes and lacks coherence at certain points. However, this tale of friendship and second chances will warm your heart and shouldn’t be missed.

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