हनु-मान (2024)

159 min - Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Science Fiction - 11 January 2024
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Director:  Prasanth Varma
Writers:  Prasanth Varma



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Country:   India
Language:  తెలుగు
Release Date:  11 January 2024

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Production Companies:  Primeshow Entertainment

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Runtime:  2 h 39 min

As you get ready for the historic event on January 22, 2024, Prasanth Varma will have you cheering “Jai Shri Ram”—a response to Hollywood and Marvel’s superhero fatigue!

This is what occurs when a group of individuals work together, contributing their innovative ideas and a similar level of passion and love for movies at every turn!

What’s Bad: A weak villain, a few pointless subplots, and the unjust practice of the film industry to promote great stars


From the village of Anjanadri, Hanumanthu resides with his sister Anjamma and has a sweetheart named Meenakshi. Gajapathi, the village chief, attacks Meenakshi after she rebels against him, and Hanumanthu finds himself in hot water as well. In this period, Hanumanthu discovers the rare stone, Mani, acquires superpowers, and employs these abilities to ward off evil forces from his town. After learning about the Mani, Michael—who is completely enamored with superheroes—wants to acquire it and wield it against people. Is Hanumanthu able to foil Michael’s plans and keep the Mani safe?

This tale, which takes place in the made-up village of Anjanadri, tells the tale of Hanumanta (Teja Sajja), a common pickpocket from the village who receives the power of Lord Hanuman to battle against the injustices committed by the classist tyranny. The story begins with the background of the villain Michael, who, like many of us as children, sought to be a superhero by acting strangely and believing in superpowers.

The sole distinction between us and him is that, unlike Batman and Spider-Man, who became superheroes only after losing their parents, he goes a bit too far in k*lling them. The plot revolves around how his deranged quest to become a superhero makes him a supervillain and how he meets Hanumanta.

Image from the movie "हनु-मान"
© 2024 Primeshow Entertainment − All right reserved.

Examining the Screenplay:

Let’s begin by dispelling the most common misconception about the movie. Those claiming that the film has a 25 crore budget are mistaken; the budget was increased to accommodate the director’s vision, and the official estimate is between 55 and 60 crore. Even at that expense, this picture is the most stunning-looking mid-budget film ever in the history of Indian cinemas. This is the result of a group of individuals coming together and contributing their ideas at every turn, all while sharing a common passion and love of movies.

The cinematography of Dasaradhi Sivendra does just what is needed to realize Prasanth Varma’s unmatched vision. Images such as Teja Sajja’s towering Hanumanta in front of a flame-lit Rama temple, flanked by a spectacular hill sculpture of Lord Hanuman, demonstrate that anything is possible with enough creativity.

Image from the movie "हनु-मान"
© 2024 Primeshow Entertainment − All right reserved.

Yes, there are issues because a lot is being kept secret for the sequel and the tale to create the graphics has only just begun. Since this is the culmination where Hanumanta truly realizes the extent of his talents, it takes its own time to set the foundation for him. Although the comedy has its moments of weakness, it receives full marks for being clean. Furthermore, the love aspect lengthens the piece without providing anything meaningful to relate to. The VFX’s helicopter scene seems out of place, and the hyper-running graphics are not very artistic.

Star-studded Performance:

Naturally, you would picture someone bulked up to be able to play a superhero with Lord Hanuman’s superpowers, and that’s where Teja Sajja, the creator, pulls off his masterwork. Like Tovino Thomas in Minnal Murali and Abhimanyu Dassani in Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota, Teja Sajja is not your usual superhero who would show off his body to take out the bad guys. Because he is an everyday person who appreciates having abilities, he is more relatable, and that is how his persona is portrayed. With a few mistakes in the action choreography, Teja looks well in the role, so that works to his advantage.

Image from the movie "हनु-मान"
© 2024 Primeshow Entertainment − All right reserved.

Although Amritha Aiyer’s track felt superfluous, she does a good job of keeping things interesting. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, who plays Hanumanta’s sister, should have had more screen time because she is the only person who can emotionally relate with the main character. She does an incredible performance. After a strong setup, Vinay Rai’s adversary is a waste of time; maybe, the sequel will present us with a more formidable antagonist to keep things in check. Satya & Getup Srinu did well to elicit a lot of laughter, but Vennela Kishore’s character needed more development.

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