గుంటూరు కారం

గుంటూరు కారం (2024)

159 min - Action, Drama - 11 January 2024
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Director:  Trivikram Srinivas
Writers:  Trivikram Srinivas


Genres: Action, Drama


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Country:   India
Language:  తెలుగు
Release Date:  11 January 2024

Box Office

Budget:  $24,066,000
Revenue:  $19,741,778

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Haarika & Hassine Creations

Technical Specs

Runtime:  2 h 39 min

Mahesh Babu Gives His All Dancing To Trivikram Srinivas’ “Very Boring” Songs!
The two hours and forty-nine minutes that Trivikram Srinivas’s story takes are primarily employed to cram in extraneous clutter.

What’s Good: The easy charm of Mahesh Babu

What’s Bad:…but that appeal wears you out since it becomes repetitive without having a compelling story to support it.


We watch in a very abrupt opening flashback how Ramana’s father, Mahesh Babu, Satyam, and Jayaram accidentally kill someone and go to jail for it. Vasundhara, his mother (played by Ramya Krishnan), leaves their family to live with her powerful father, Venkata Swamy (Prakash Raj). Twenty-five years later, Ramana develops into a flirtatious man while managing his father’s chilli company, and Satyam is released from prison and leads a simple life.

His grandfather wants him to sign documents stating that he is not the legitimate heir to the movie because his mother is now the law minister. This is only being done to encourage Vasundhara’s second-married son to pursue a career in politics and rule on her behalf. Naturally, he refuses to sign the documents, but the plot revolves around his ability to sidestep the political situation in order to mend his mother’s personal relationship.

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Screenplay Analysis:

It’s official: everything is disorganized from the beginning, which has negatively affected the film’s narrative. Trivikram Srinivas’s plot isn’t complex enough to fill two hours and forty-nine minutes, which are mostly devoted to fitting in extraneous material. Films that are solely focused on “stardom showcasing” have never bothered me, but this one falls short of being even mildly engaging.

Mahesh Babu deserves all the credit for the few scenes that come together well. Manoj Paramahamsa (Leo, Radhe Shyam) took over as cinematographer for the movie midway through P. S. Vinod (Aaranya Kaandam, Vikram Vedha), and I believe he knew where the movie was going. Mahesh Babu responds to a character shouting “Namaste” in a scene by stating, “You & your stupid Hindi greetings.” Especially after he named Ranbir Kapoor the best actor in the nation, this was uncalled for and unnecessary.

In a another scene, Mahesh Babu’s Ramana remarks, “They (girls) barely have flesh on them these days,” during a talk with Sreeleela’s Ammu. I assumed that she would return the favor for voicing this opinion, but instead she stood up, began to dance, and declared, “(I am an) updated piece.” After a fight scene in which Ramana is physically assaulted by women, he shows off his strength and gives them a pan, telling them to “get down to the cooking.” Biryani ought to be delicious. In 2023, such actions are considered to be casual sexism.

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Two of the largest hooligans in the city, Marx and Lenin, set fire to Satyam’s mirchi factory in Guntur in 1998. As the plant burns, Satyam notices this and goes up to ask Marx and Lenin. During this process, Satyam’s brother-in-law makes the decision to assassinate Lenin. Satyam accepts responsibility for the murder and serves a 12-year jail sentence. But during the factory explosion, Ramana, his son, loses some of his vision in his left eye and becomes blind. Soon after, Vasundhara, Ramana’s mother and Satyam’s wife, makes the decision to part ways with Ramana and move on with her father, Venkata Swamy, after learning that Satyam was put in jail.

Twenty-five years later, Venkata Swamy elevates Vasundhara to the rank of minister in his political party. However, Kata Madhu, a member of the opposition party, objects, threatening to reveal that Ramana is Vasundhara’s son. In order to counter this, Venkata Swamy chooses to have Ramana sign a paper certifying that he is not related to Vasundhra or the family in exchange for financial compensation. If Ramana is not able to see his mother one final time, he will not do so. Amulya “Ammu” and Balu exchange back and forth while Ramana is being persuaded to sign the paperwork. Exasperated, Venkata Swamy instructs Pani to fabricate a false police report (FIR) accusing Ramana of attacking his security guard and destroying valuables in his home in order to coerce him into signing it. Balu shows sympathy for Ramana, opposes Pani, and secures Ramana’s release on bail. When Ramana goes to Venkataswamy’s Hyderabad home, he replicates everything that was mentioned in the FIR.

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Then, after making the decision to meet Ramana, Vasundhara smacks him, forcing him to sign the paper. When Kata Madhu returns to Guntur, he tries to get Ramana to support him and his party, but Ramana beats him. But Kata manages to take his wallet and tells the press that he is, in fact, Vasundhara’s son. When Venkata Swamy notices this, he attempts—but is unsuccessful—to have Ramana jailed once more. Then, Satyam discloses that Vasundhara clashed with Ramana, believing that preserving his brother-in-law should be his top concern, and that she wanted to have surgery done on his eye as soon as possible following the tragedy. She also intended to bring Ramana to Venkata Swamy’s residence, but Satyam’s sister Bujji, who is also her sister-in-law, barred her from entering. As for Ramana’s eye, Bujji responds to Vasundhara’s question regarding it before the court by saying that it will never return to normal. Furious, Vasundhara accuses Satyam of carrying out the murder. When Ramana finds out about this, he gets depressed. In an attempt to murder him and Balu, “Gelatin” Babji and his men kidnap them.

Then it is revealed that, on Venkata Swamy’s orders, Babji and his men were hired by Narayana, Vasundhara’s second husband, to kill Ramana. Vasundhara is hospitalized after being hit by a truck in another location. When Ramana runs to check on her, it is discovered that Hari Das and Kata Madhu had intended to kill Vasundhara by using the accident as a pretext. Ramana is persuaded to kill Hari Das by Venkata Swamy in order to establish his paternity from Vasundhara. In the process, Venkata Swamy tells Pani that he planned the 1998 attack on Satyam’s plant in order to get his daughter back because he lost the election as a result of Vasundhara’s caste-bending marriage to Satyam.

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When Ramana goes to kill Hari Das, he confesses that Venkata Swamy was the one who plotted the entire thing and that he never planned the murder with Kata. Narayana further tells Venkata Swamy that Gopal Reddy is not actually Vasundhara’s son, but was only adopted by her in an attempt to make Venkata Swamy look foolish in order to protect Ramana from damage, during the ceremony to install Gopal Reddy as the new minister. Upon discovering this, Ramana becomes furious with Venkata Swamy; however, Vasundhara intervenes and they both proceed to Guntur, where the family is reconciled.


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