Farrey (2023)

114 min - Thriller - 24 November 2023
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Director:  Soumendra Padhi
Writers:  Soumendra Padhi, Abhishek Yadav



Genres: Thriller


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Country:   India
Language:  Hindi
Release Date:  24 November 2023

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Runtime:  1 h 54 min

Brief Overview:

An orphaned Delhi girl who excels on the 10th board test and gets accepted into a prominent metropolitan school is drawn into a scheme of dishonesty by her wealthy classmates. She runs the risk of losing considerably more than she has to gain when the stakes and rewards rise. What will this gathering achieve?

The first half of the film, which shows a wide-eyed Niyati’s introduction to the world of rich kids, flows smoothly. She’s like Alice lost in Wonderland. She can’t believe Chhavi lives in such a huge house, has a number of gadgets at her disposal and even has a chef catering to all her wishes. Her hunger for such a lifestyle is almost palpable. The second half is devoted to the scam, where the drama gets more heightened. The film then segues into being a morality play, with the director showing us all the reasons about Niyati and Aakash’s decision to take to crime, as also their individual struggles with it. We are drawn into their world and want them to do the right thing, no matter the cost.

  Zeyn Shaw, who plays Prateek, the other privileged boy, and Prassana Bisht, who plays Chavi, both had strong acting performances. They both come out as erratic buddies who take their privilege for granted. The actor who plays Aakash, Sahil Mehta, is someone to keep an eye on since he is a natural in front of the camera. Alizeh Agnihotri owns the movie because she keeps the audience cheering for her character. She appears to be a finished product and makes an incredibly assured debut.

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Given that the movie’s title, “Farrey,” is slang for “copying chits in exams,” you may guess where it will begin. Yes, an exam room, where we meet Niyati (Alizeh, Salman Khan’s niece), who receives the top score in all of India for her tenth board test. Niyati, an orphan, lives with the loving couple Warden & Zoya (Ronit Roy and Juhi Babbar), who manage a shelter for young women. Yes, even in the closing credits, Ronit Roy is referred to as “Warden” and doesn’t get given a name until the very end.

Niyati is intelligent enough to gain admission to a prestigious school in Delhi, where the professors view IIT as a “rat race” and prefer their top kids to attend Oxford after receiving the scholarship. Niyati receives the similar offer, but it isn’t extended very long because she aids Prasanna Bisht’s and the other rich, foolish Chhavi group in their exam-cheating.

They promised Niyati a hefty sum of money to keep cheating on exams because she was so skilled at it. As an orphan, she finds it difficult for Warden & Zoya to financially fund her scholarship, so she gives in and assists the pupils in higher level cheating. What follows serves as the story’s main plot point.

Script Analysis:

Bad Genius, a well-known Thai movie, served as the inspiration for this adaptation. Farrey kept most elements of the story mostly the same because the film’s message is fundamentally “desi.” Even while it offers a critical analysis of the educational system, it omits several crucial details that elevated the first one as a fantastic viewing experience. Because the main character Lynn’s father is a low-paid teacher and the school continues to collect more money from him despite the scholarship, Bad Genius has a very deep emotional core. This creates the ideal framework for her to have a goal and pursue it through to completion.
Here, changing the character that was most effective in the original edition goes against the overall plot of the movie. The principal character becomes an impoverished orphan who is merely kind to others, and the father becomes a guardian overseeing a care facility. This eliminates the plausible reason of a daughter going fake for financial gain. Multiple sequences depict Lynn as a bright student; her quick calculation of the amount she will be bribed demonstrates her brilliance. Just because the story places Farrey’s Niyati as the top student in all of India for the tenth standard doesn’t mean that she’s smart; for a stronger connection, why not include examples?

Farrey succeeds in matching the tension created during the cheating situations; even though I didn’t catch the piano trick in this instance, it’s still a decent attempt at emulating the stress through other means. In comparison, the teachers here were awful because Bad Genius also caused discomfort in that zone. In terms of appearance, this does indeed seem like a more polished version of the two thanks to Keiko Nakahara’s camerawork.

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Star Performance:

Alizeh Agnihotri demonstrates a strong depth in the most difficult emotional scenes in addition to being naturally gifted at her craft, which helps to make her debut unforgettable. It’s difficult to accept Niyati as a first-time part, but Alizeh gives it her hardest to make sure everything goes according to plan—sometimes going too far in the opposite direction.

Sahil Mehta was harshly treated due of the abrupt change in tone of his character. Suddenly, a struggling impoverished student volunteers to assist the wealthy con artist and begins to play games with them as though he has been a con artist for all time.

Why Ronit Roy’s character was changed is still a mystery to me. Ronit would have destroyed this even if they had taken the identical connection and arc and ripped and pasted it. Juhi Babbar is content with what she has and never gets to take center stage. Prasanna Bisht gives a controlled performance and does a respectable job with the highs.

Overall Presentation:

Farrey is a gripping watch that will keep you captivated the entire time, even with a few loose ends. Alizeh Agnihotri is someone to watch out for because of her remarkable debut and electrifying performances!

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