Viduthalai: Part I

Viduthalai: Part I (2023)

146 min - Thriller, Crime, Action - 30 March 2023
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Kumaresan, a police constable, gets recruited for an operation implanted to capture Perumal Vaathiyar, who leads a separatist group dedicated to fighting against the authorities for committing atrocities against innocent village women in the name of police interrogations.

Director:  Vetrimaaran


Kumaresan, a police constable, gets recruited for an operation implanted to capture Perumal Vaathiyar, who leads a separatist group dedicated to fighting against the authorities for committing atrocities against innocent village women in the name of police interrogations.

Genres: Thriller, Crime, Action


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Country:   India
Language:  Tamil
Release Date:  30 March 2023

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Production Companies:  R S Infotainment, Grassroot Film Company

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Runtime:  2 h 26 min

Vetrimaaran Depicts A Man Losing Innocence In The Most Brutal Way The director, Vetrimaaran, has altered his own grammar and attempted to broaden the universe in Viduthalai.

What’s Good: Vetrimaaran is laying the groundwork for a much bigger tale about a man losing his innocence and a cult using the most violent means possible to convey their message.

What’s Bad: Despite having a graphically intense plot, this picture is less violent ideologically than the director’s previous works.

A recently recruited policeman named Kumaresan (Soori) is assigned to a politically charged village where he is expected to apprehend Perumal (Vijay), the head of a separatist organization. Over time, he discovers the hard way that the heroic tales and shiny medals associated with the police department are not always true.


Over time, Vetrimaaran has evolved into the voice of the underprivileged, to whom both progress and conscious culture must reach. He serves as a mirror, reflecting back to them the actual state of affairs and the harsh life they lead. The director skillfully crafts tales that are both specialized and universal in scope. For novices, Viduthalai is arguably the least ideologically violent film he has ever made, but there is a purpose behind the increasing graphic violence.

Viduthalai, a film directed by Vetrimaaran and based on Jayamohan’s novel Thunaivan, serves just as a prelude to the main fight. The first shot, which lasts for ten minutes without a cut, elaborates on the immersive experience the director wants you to have. When a train that is completely packed with people is bombed, everyone dies. The entire sequence is expertly navigated by the camera, which defies geography and passes through windows, awkward gaps in the falling train, dead victims, and severed body parts. He wants you to participate rather than just watch.

It concerns a police officer covering for a deceased colleague in an area infamous for its instability. Technically speaking, Kumaresan has always believed that the force is just and always exists to serve the people. He had no idea how cruel the industry was. Vetrimaaran’s visual depiction of Kumaresan is incredibly subtle. Because he is a heart-fellow and follows the text, he is informally expelled from the group. After being instructed to watch over a watch tower, he was linked to a skill set he must have acquired there. He gradually loses his faith and innocence yet turns vicious in the struggle for his rights.

And the man he is going up against is too. A separatist leader named Perumal fights for the common man. The script does allude to his giving nature, therefore at one point in his life he was also like Kumaresan. In theory, two people who share the same emotion are fighting against one another. In between are the dichotomies of class and caste, brutality by the police, the haves preying on the have-nots, and the heavily characterized forest.

One thing Viduthalai does not have is the construction of Kumaresan’s world within the police workshop. It is never revealed that he develops a relationship with the other policemen, opening doors to further lives.

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A rail disaster in rural Tamil Nadu in 1987 claimed many lives or left many seriously injured. When emergency personnel and government representatives get there, the state and union ministers are obviously upset at the number of deaths. As the authorities get to work on their inquiry, they find that the incident was set off by the radical organization Makkal Padai, or the People’s Army, in retaliation for the state government’s approval of a mining company’s takeover of their mountaintop hamlet for a project. In an attempt to apprehend the group’s leader, Vaathiyar Perumal, whose identity and whereabouts are unknown, the government announces Operation Ghosthunt.

In the meantime, Kumaresan, a recently hired constable, is brought on board for the operation and becomes a new driver for E-Company. When Kumaresan finds the intricate relationships and disputes between Makkal Padai and the government, he also comes to the realization that obeying orders is crucial and that, in spite of his helpful nature, he is not always able to assist the people. Additionally, Kumaresan learns about the challenges of the working world and the complexities of bureaucracy, particularly as a recently hired officer. Additionally, Tamilarasi “Pappa,” the granddaughter of a woman Kumaresan once saved, wins Kumaresan over with her affection. After Officer-in-Charge (OC) Ragavendar of E-Company masterminded a violent event, the government appoints DSP Sunil Menon to lead the operation.

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The villagers in the hilly village are to be turned against Perumal by the police. After questioning a villager and drawing Perumal’s face, Sunil makes Kumaresan realize that Perumal and his men were the ones he had been assisting during his shift. Unaware that Head Constable Chandran is a member of Makkal Padai and Perumal’s mole, he passes this information to Chandran. Chandran tells Perumal in private about Kumaresan. Sunil eludes Makkal Padai’s attempted murder and escapes unharmed. To gain the villagers’ trust, Sunil gives some of his policemen the order to pose as Makkal Padai members. Pappa tells Kumaresan that Perumal has been pursuing police officials who are torturing innocent people under the guise of police questioning.

Pappa also says that her mother had a mental breakdown as a result of the police’ involvement in her father’s death. Kumaresan becomes aware of the depth of the villagers’ abuse by the police. Makkal Padai attacks the inauguration ceremony while work is underway in the community perched on a hill, killing four officers in the process. Furious, Sunil gives the police orders to detain any peasants who they believe may be connected to Makkal Padai. When the villagers are taken away by the police for questioning, Pappa’s grandma is tortured to death. A few days later, Pappa and other people from her village are taken into custody and subjected to torture by E-Company because the police suspect that one of them is Perumal’s close relative.

Feeling guilty, Kumaresan approaches Sunil and informs him of Perumal’s hiding place. He and other cops are then tasked with arresting Perumal. Following a fierce gunfight, Kumaresan successfully apprehends Perumal. In an attempt to help others, Pappa calls the police and is taken away. While in detention, Perumal is questioned, and Kumaresan is unable to locate Pappa. For failing to submit an act-of-subordination memo, Ragavendar suspends Kumaresan and declares that he will claim credit for Kumaresan’s efforts to have Perumal arrested.

A photographer surreptitiously enters the camp during the scene with the mid-credits to capture the police department’s cruel treatment of women. Sunil questions and belittles Perumal. Later on, Perumal succeeds in making his way out of the forest, where he finds Kumaresan, who divulges crucial information on the train attack. Perumal instructs the police and Kumaresan to investigate the attack’s real cause.



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