அன்னபூரணி (Annapoorani)

அன்னபூரணி (2023)

146 min - Comedy, Drama - 1 December 2023
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Director:  Nilesh Krishnaa
Writers:  Nilesh Krishnaa



Genres: Comedy, Drama


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Country:   India
Language:  Tamil
Release Date:  1 December 2023

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Production Companies:  Zee Studios, Trident Arts, Naad SStudios

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Runtime:  2 h 26 min
Recently published in Tamil, Annapoorani (literally “Giver of Food”) is a drama that follows a young woman as she pursues her culinary goals in spite of social and familial obstacles.


Annapoorani wants to become a chef. Despite her desire to be well-versed in a variety of non-vegetarian cuisines, she hails from a Brahmin family whose members are forced to eat vegetarianism. This presents a challenge because her father prepares the food served as prasadam at the Srirangam temple, where he serves as a priest. Additionally, he thinks that his daughter Annapoorani is a reincarnation of Annapurna, the Hindu goddess of food. In spite of everything, Annapoorani keeps pursuing her goals.

02 Major Sections of the Movie:

The pre- and post-intermission portions of the movie flow as two separate parts.

If the first half centers on the dilemma of an orthodox woman attempting to learn how to cook without hurting them, the second half follows her as she discovers her love for the art after an incident that takes away her gift and puts her to the test in a reality show akin to MasterChef. Through animated sequences in which a young girl scales peaks in order to fulfill her ambition, the director literalizes the obstacles that his protagonist must overcome along the route. Like Thaman’s constant background score and the movie’s attempts to promote religious unity, it is both overdone and unsophisticated.

Story Overview:

Born into a pious Brahmin family in Srirangam, Annapoorani (Nayanthara) has a remarkable knack and love for cooking. As the temple priest, her father, Rangarajan (Achyuth Kumar), prepares delectable vegetarian prasadam for the deity. But because of their traditional upbringing, non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in their home.

Despite these obstacles, Annapoorani’s goal is to become the greatest chef in India. Her father’s aversion to preparing meat in particular is at odds with this goal and her family’s strict morals. To reinforce his expectations of strictly vegetarian cooking, he even thinks of Annapoorani as the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess of food, Annapurna.
Unfazed, Annapoorani continues to follow her passion in secret. She turns to her friends for support, particularly Farhan (Jai), who is secretly in love with her. She also begins experimenting with non-vegetarian cooking behind her family’s back. She is prepared to enroll in a prominent culinary school while achieving academic excellence.

The family gets into a fight as her secret is revealed. Annapoorani has to balance the competing demands of her family responsibilities and her ambitions. Her father opposes her because he believes that her decisions are sacrilegious and insensitive to their customs. She does, however, receive unanticipated help from her mother, who covertly supports her daughter’s aspirations.
The movie shows Annapoorani’s attempt to strike a balance between her aspirations and her cultural background. She encounters prejudice and persecution from the culinary community, where success is determined by one’s ability to not be a vegetarian. She has to demonstrate her abilities and potential while adhering to her moral principles in order to eventually reject social conventions and forge her own route.

It’s not an easy journey. Annapoorani experiences disappointment, uncertainty, and heartache. However, she advances because of her unshakable resolve and the love and support of her family. She triumphs, realizing her ambition to become a well-known chef and coming to terms with her identity and family.
The journey of Annapoorani conveys a strong message about overcoming social expectations, going for one’s aspirations, and the value of self-belief. The film is endearing and accessible because it skillfully combines social commentary with delectable food.

Image from the movie "அன்னபூரணி"
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Star-studded performance:

Nayanthara uses her on-screen persona to elicit our support for Annapoorani and her celebrity status to elucidate the film’s themes of female empowerment. Such as “Thapukku responsibility eduthukara rights kooda ponnungalukku illa.”. However, in terms of performance, she also delivers a fast-food version of herself, using the same canned expressions and utilitarian performance that we have come to expect from her. In fact, during the scenes where the character loses her talent, we see her channeling Netrikann!

The remaining actors provide strong support; Achyuth Kumar, along with Jayaprakash, who has dubbed for him, capture the confused mindset of a person who wishes to uphold his moral principles. As the well-known chef Chef Anand, who serves as Annapoorani’s inspiration, Sathyaraj takes on the role of the encouraging mentor and even gets to reenact a scene from his Amaidhi Padai. In the same fun manner as he did in Raja Rani, Jai plays the second fiddle to Nayanthara as Farhan, Annapoorani’s childhood buddy and love interest. Karthik Kumar, who portrays a chef who is jealous of the heroine and is dependent on his father for approval, also attempts to add a few additional layers to the caricatured villain of the narrative.

However, the story’s innate inspirational quality keeps us firmly planted in our chairs, and the filmmaker makes sure that each scene is fascinating. The video does, in fact, offer us a high when we see images of more women riding on Annapoorani’s success and entering classrooms and hotel kitchens.

Points to be focused on:

  • The film delves into themes of religious tradition, gender equality, and pursuing one’s ambitions.
  • Nayanthara and the supporting cast deliver remarkable performances.
  • The eye-catching images highlight the vivid hues and tastes of Indian food.

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