Maaveeran (2023)

166 min - Drama, Action - 14 July 2023
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After a head injury, cowardly newspaper cartoonist Sathya hears a voice in his mind, foretells events and puts him in precarious situations and forces him to take on a corrupt politician.

Director:  Madonne Ashwin


After a head injury, cowardly newspaper cartoonist Sathya hears a voice in his mind, foretells events and puts him in precarious situations and forces him to take on a corrupt politician.

Tagline: Courage is Victory!

Genres: Drama, Action


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Country:   India
Language:  Tamil
Release Date:  14 July 2023

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Production Companies:  Shanthi Talkies

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Runtime:  2 h 46 min

Under the ‘control’ of a cartoon action figure, a cowardly cartoonist confronts a dishonest politician.


Similar to his first picture, Mandela, Madonne Ashwin skillfully blends comedy and social commentary in Maaveeran, a pretty ordinary plot that is elevated by its fantasy element.
The government’s gentrification initiative at the start of the movie forces the residents of a slum, including the main character Sathya (Sivakarthikeyan), to migrate into apartments. They quickly discover that the apartment was poorly constructed. At the slightest pressure, door handles come off, paint peels off the walls, and cracks form.

However, Sathya is the type of cartoonist who tells his mother Saritha, who is always ready to voice her disapproval, to “adjust panni vaazha kathukanum”. In an odd turn of events, Sathya hears the voice of his cartoon strip’s main character, a fearless warrior, telling him to do as he pleases and defend the people. And minister MN Jeyakodi (Mysskin), whose corruption is to blame for the subpar construction of the apartment, ends up being enraged with Sathya.
Can this cowardly cartoonist discover his inner superhero and prevent an impending tragedy for his people?

Even though Maaveeran initially seems like a formulaic commercial entertainer, Madonne Ashwin reassures us that we are in the capable hands of a filmmaker who is bringing his unique style to well-known material. Consider the scene where the slum people relocate to the freshly constructed apartment after abandoning the land they had lived on for a long time. This director maintains everything under wraps while making sure we grasp the emotional weight of this decision, when most directors would have tried to exploit the emotional part of this moment.

His incisive and humorous social commentary is interspersed throughout the first part. Yogi Babu, who portrays a laborer employed to perform repairs on the building, is expertly used by him. The protagonist, a Tamil laborer, discovers that migrant laborers from North India are replacing him in his position since they are less expensive and don’t challenge their bosses’ directives.

The fantasy aspect does bear some resemblance to what we have seen in previous movies such as Tughlaq Durbar, and Madonne Ashwin pays homage to that by having Vijay Sethupathi, who starred in that movie, voice the cartoon that Sathya draws.

filled with humorous moments that occasionally made us smile. The picture kind of transforms into hero service with long action sequences that get boring after a while, and the laughs start to dribble. In addition, the character of the antagonist is weakened after much development. It makes sense that the filmmaker would like to make comparisons between the antagonist and the protagonist: if someone feels as though a voice in the dark is controlling them,The second person is being guided by a voice that is literally present in his body—that of his childhood buddy Suneel Varma! On paper, this notion appears intriguing, but it doesn’t work all that well on screen. The climax’s effort at rescue also seems rushed.

Image from the movie "Maaveeran"
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For the Tamil daily Dhina Thee, comic book artist Sathya creates and illustrates a comic strip about a valiant warrior named Maaveeran. But since his father was assassinated a few years ago while fighting the current system, he has likewise become a coward and unable to defend himself. Because he is a coward, he lets a Dhina Thee employee claim credit for Maaveeran. Subeditor Nila at the publication speaks up for Sathya and gets him the same job for which he was being used as a scapegoat. They eventually fall in love.

The Tamil Nadu government forces Sathya and his family—his younger sister Raji and widowed mother Eshwari—as well as their neighbors to leave their slum and move into a high-rise apartment complex in order to improve their living circumstances. But, the apartment’s shortcomings become apparent a few hours after you move in due to poor construction, disintegrating walls from an unsteady base, shattered doors, improperly installed windows, and a collapsing ceiling.When Dhanraj, the contractor, and Paguthi, the local council member, refuse to accept the unlivable conditions, Eshwari confronts them. Nevertheless, Sathya begs his mother to “adjust” to the circumstances, expressing his annoyance instead through Maaveeran comic strips. Eventually, a furious Eshwari loses it all on Sathya and his cowardice, throwing away all of his Maaveeran strips along with his sketching materials, after Raji is subjected to sexual harassment by Dhanraj and Sathya is powerless to stop it.

Image from the movie "Maaveeran"
© 2023 Shanthi Talkies − All right reserved.

Sathya, distraught, tries to kill himself by jumping from the apartment’s top story, but just as he starts to doubt his decision, poor construction gives way, causing him to slide, fall, and get a severe head injury. When contractor Kumar notices him, he takes Raji and Eshwari with him to the hospital. Sathya passes away shortly after being admitted. At this point, Sathya starts to feel the presence of an enigmatic voice after coming to life. Sathya’s activities are subordinated to the voice he has discovered, which narrates the Maaveeran strip. It forces him to make judgments in life, big and little, based on the advice given by the voice. During the voice’s instruction, The voice refers to Sathya’s “worst enemy” as the dishonest Housing Minister, M. N. Jeyakodi, whose department is in charge of constructing the flat. Sathya battles with Jeyakodi. Under the advice of the voice, Sathya reluctantly confronts Jeyakodi, Dhanraj, Paguthi, and their men in order to reveal the apartment’s subpar construction. For Eshwari and Raji and the other apartment residents, this makes him a hero.

When Sathya’s reluctant to oppose Jeyakodi and Jeyakodi’s secretary, Paramu, learn about the enigmatic voice directing Sathya, she resolves to channel it in Jeyakodi’s favor. By telling Sathya that the apartment construction is poor and that Jeyakodi would leave him alone if he did so, he persuades Sathya to confess on public television the voice compelling him to attack Jeyakodi. As a result, Sathya’s family is kicked out of their residence and rendered homeless after he is painted as a “mentally unstable” individual. Furthermore, despite the voice ordering him to defend himself, Sathya chooses not to fight back as Jeyakodi viciously beats him up and refuses to forgive him. And Sathya passes away. The voice ends when he wakes up again, saying that Sathya deceived the apartment residents and his family for personal benefit.

Image from the movie "Maaveeran"
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When Sathya returns, he discovers that his family is homeless and feels bad about it. Even though the voice is no longer leading him, he chooses to “create his own story” on Nila’s advise and take on Jeyakodi in addition to exposing the apartment’s construction. In the process, he is voluntarily abducted by Jeyakodi and brought to his go-down with the intention of obtaining proof of the apartment complex’s dangerous structure. Jeyakodi kills Paramu after advising him to inform the public that the apartment may collapse at any time and to evacuate the residents since he would lose the next election if he didn’t do so.When Paramu’s body is thrown into the water by Jeyakodi’s soldiers, Sathya drowns. Much to his joy, Sathya hears the enigmatic voice once more once he regains consciousness. When he gets back to the flat, he makes a futile attempt to persuade the occupants to leave because the building is about to collapse.

When Jeyakodi shows up at the flat, he makes fun of Sathya, which makes him challenge Jeyakodi to stay there only if he is positive the apartment won’t fall. When Jeyakodi refuses to comply, the other residents of the apartment start to suspect Sathya. They all flee just in time to save the apartment building from collapsing and Jeyakodi from being crushed to death by the falling apartment sign. When Sathya discovers that Ilavarasi, the daughter of one of the residents, is still stuck in the flat, he dashes to help her. Sathya is still inside the apartment when the apartment collapses while he is trying to save her. Following the fall, everyone who lives there looks for Sathya. He is discovered beneath the debris, but it appears that

Image from the movie "Maaveeran"
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After two years, the apartment is being rebuilt with the residents in a loop and sturdy structure, under the leadership of a new government. It is also revealed that Sathya, who was left permanently deaf by the catastrophe, somehow survived the apartment collapse and continues to work for Dhina Thee, writing and illustrating Maaveeran. But his reflexes are more acute now. It is evident that the mysterious voice that gave Sathya life again after the apartment crash has returned when Ilavarasi approaches him and asks if he is still alive.


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