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Strange World (2022)

PG 102 min - Animation, Family, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy - 23 November 2022
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A journey deep into an uncharted and treacherous land, where fantastical creatures await the legendary Clades—a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest, and by far most crucial, mission.

Director:  Don Hall



A journey deep into an uncharted and treacherous land, where fantastical creatures await the legendary Clades—a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest, and by far most crucial, mission.

Tagline: Journey to a place where nothing is as it appears!


Language:  English
Release Date:  23 November 2022

Box Office

Budget:  $180,000,000
Revenue:  $73,621,640

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Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 42 min

Together, Don Hall and Qui Nguyen are co-directors of Everything Disney, Even More Visually; But Never Dives Deeper. Their preference is to make a visually striking film rather than a cathartic or emotionally charged one.

What’s Good: The world is both literally and figuratively alive, and there is a visual magic at work. When the concepts are implemented properly, everything appears unique and exquisite.

What’s Bad: The film skims the surface of a subject without attempting to delve further. All of it seems convenient at first glance.

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The son of the Clade family, who are famed for their explorations, transforms into a farmer after finding a magical crop, changing the family’s course. After a few years, the young guy becomes a parent to a boy of his own. He altered the flow of events by discovering the identical crop, which is now in danger of dying. In the movie, how will he both save it and come to terms with his circumstances?


Exploration of other worlds is led by adventurers Jaeger Clade and his teenage son Searcher in the kingdom of Avalonia, which is encircled by an unending wall of mountains. As Searcher makes his way across the mountains, he comes across a green plant that emits energy. In the meantime, Jaeger furiously carries out his mission by himself. He and the other members of the expedition team decide to return to Avalonia with the plant.

In the realm of Avalonia, which is surrounded by an endless wall of mountains, explorers Jaeger Clade and his teenage son Searcher are in charge of exploring other worlds. Searcher encounters an energy-emitting green plant while traveling across the highlands. Jaeger angrily completes his mission on his own in the interim. He makes the decision to bring the plant back to Avalonia together with the other expedition team members. The Venture crashes in a subterranean planet where Searcher and Legend are separated from the group after being attacked by red wyvern-like creatures. A “Reaper”-like beast attacks them, but Jaeger, who has been hiding underground for years, saves them. He says he intends to board the Venture in an attempt to cross the ocean, which is blocking his path across the mountains from below.

Image from the movie "Strange World"
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Ethan leaves the Venture covertly in the meanwhile in order to locate Searcher. After making friends with an illusive blue being he calls Splat, he meets up again with Searcher, Legend, and Jaeger. More Reapers assault them, but Meridian and Callisto save them, and they make it back to the Venture. Jaeger wants to carry on exploring the Strange World, but Searcher is adamant about finishing their task. Ethan grows irritated with them and their divergent points of view. Following yet another crazy encounter, Searcher and Jaeger eventually have a heart-to-heart conversation and acknowledge that they do appreciate one another’s life ambitions. Eventually, they come across a group of Pando’s roots that the creatures of the Strange World are attacking. Searcher accuses Ethan of being influenced by Jaeger when he finds out that he wants to explore more of the Strange World. Ethan leaps furiously from the Venture onto a Reaper. The searcher follows him in a tiny flying car, but as they make amends, they discover they have crossed over from the mountains to the ocean, where they can see the eye of a massive animal that resembles a turtle. The two understand that the Reapers and all the other creatures are the creature’s immune system because they have been traveling through its body and that Avalonia is on its back.

They return to tell the expedition crew that Pando needs to be destroyed after realizing that it is a virus that is destroying the creature’s heart. However, Callisto locks them up to keep them from interrupting the mission, while Jaeger sails off angrily to investigate for himself. Meridian takes control of the ship and persuades Callisto to assist as Searcher and Ethan go to the creature’s heart to make room for the Reapers after Legend and Splat free the family. When Jaeger comes back, they use his assistance to break through Pando, and the monsters show up and kill it, reviving the heart and preserving the area.

Image from the movie "Strange World"
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After a year, Ethan and Diazo are dating while they and their friends gather supplies from the Strange World. Wind turbines have replaced Pando energy in Avalonia. When Jaeger goes to see his ex-wife Penelope, who got married again while he was away, their relationship gets better. The enormous turtle-like creature is seen on a planet covered in oceans as the camera pans away from Avalonia.

Examining the Screenplay:

Disney has raised the bar too high for its animated films in recent years. Their Oscar visits and unbroken string of highly praised films serve as sufficient evidence. It stings more than it would ordinarily when they come out with another visually spectacular notion that has everything needed to create a new benchmark while being content with surface-level information. The same is true with Strange World, a fresh concept handled far too easily.

The film, which was written by Qui Nguyen, embodies all that Disney stands for as well as the shift that the company seems to be attempting to accept. It’s about a modern-day family with troubled connections, a kid who identifies as gay and who has no trouble getting approval from everyone for his crush on his stylish friend. The entryway into this universe is endearing, and the visual beauty of the struggle is captivating. You are on the verge of giving up as this family and its issues are unique.

However, the audience’s investment is not fully repaid when the creators choose to go forward and stay at the surface level without truly delving deeper. Disney is renowned for its fundamental explanations, which can even involve spoon-feeding. How are we to be concerned about its disappearance when a new crop that resembles vibranium from the Black Panther universe of Marvel is found, and you don’t highlight its uses or the processes involved in turning it into core fuel? The ship starts to sink at this point because it is necessary to clarify the significance in order to comprehend the consequences.

Over the course of its nearly two hours, Strange World covers a wide range of topics, many of which very emotional. After 25 years of believing his father is dead, the reunion is merely a fleeting moment without any thought given to it by the son. Alternatively, the scene where the grandson comes out to his grandfather becomes just another “by the way” moment with little emotional resonance for the viewer. The film even makes an effort and succeeds in achieving accurate portrayal, but it is never put to good use.

Image from the movie "Strange World"
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Star Performance:

Some of the biggest personalities in Hollywood get together in Strange World to provide the voices for these well-known cartoon characters. Jake Gyllenhaal performs the enchantment one would anticipate with his endearing voice. The winner of finest voice goes to Gabrielle Union. There is no one else who could possibly play the role like her.


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