Vaathi (2023)

137 min - Drama, Action - 16 February 2023
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An assistant maths teacher takes up a tedious task of transforming underprivileged students despite the politics around education in the 90s.

Director:  Venky Atluri


An assistant maths teacher takes up a tedious task of transforming underprivileged students despite the politics around education in the 90s.

Tagline: An Ambitious Journey of a Common Man

Genres: Drama, Action


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Country:   India
Language:  Tamil, తెలుగు
Release Date:  16 February 2023

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Runtime:  2 h 17 min

Details about Dhanush’s Bilingual Film Are Available
The directors claimed that the Vaathi’s major filming will start in Hyderabad on January 5.


Vaathi, a multilingual film directed by Venky Atluri and starring Dhanush and Samyuktha Menon, began production on Monday at Ramanaidu Studios in Hyderabad with a pooja ceremony.

At precisely 10.19 a.m., the movie, known as Sir in Telugu, began shooting in front of the actors, crew, and special visitors, including Trivikram, the director, and producers K.L. Narayana, M.L. Kumar Chowdary, and S. Radhakrishna.

S. Radhakrishna (Chinababu) of Haarika and Hassine Creations gave the crew the script, and Trivikram operated the camera for the first time with Suresh Chukkapalli flicking on the shutter.

Sai Soujanya and S. Naga Vamsi are funding the esteemed initiative. The film’s technical team comprises National Award-winning editor Navin Nooli, music director G.V. Prakash Kumar, and cinematographer Dinesh Krishnan, who has worked on movies such as “Soodhu Kavvum,” “Sethupathi,” “Thegidi,” and “Maara.”

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Students at Srinivas’s (Samuthirakani) educational institution, Abhiram and his friends are getting ready for the engineering entrance exam. They discover an ancient tape cassette box full of arithmetic lessons along with a 2000 receipt under the name Kumar from Sozhavaram. Following their investigation, they learn that Kumar is the Kadapa district magistrate. Later, Kumar reveals that the man in the video is Balamurugan ‘Bala’ (Dhanush).

The story shifts back to 1993, a year marked by the emergence of numerous commercial organizations and the government’s struggles to maintain support for public institutions. Five years later, the impoverished who could not afford private colleges are left with little access to higher education when government universities close owing to a lack of teachers. In an attempt to block the government from regularizing fees, Srinivas, the president of the Private Colleges Association, devises a plan to take over all government colleges and assign younger instructors to them. He also seeks help from the government in this endeavor.One such professor is Bala, who is assigned to teach math at a government junior college in Sozhavaram. Bala discovers that low attendance at the college is a result of mistrust that it may close soon as well.

Image from the movie "Vaathi"
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Bala calls a conference with all of the villagers and their kids, explaining the value of education and helping the kids and parents understand it. After that, the students begin to return to class, with Balu teaching extra lessons and inviting Muthu, a former pupil, to teach as well. Balu, meanwhile, develops feelings for the institution’s biology instructor, Meenakshi (Samyuktha). When Bala observes disparities in caste among the students, she devises a scheme to eradicate them.Every student who takes the board examinations passes with flying colors. In an attempt to prevent pupils from returning to government schools rather than private ones, Srinivas makes a generous offer of a job to entice Bala to leave. When Bala declines, Srinivas uses the education minister’s influence to reclaim the jobs that were offered to teachers at government junior colleges and hire new ones, leaving Bala jobless.

Later on, when Bala holds individual lessons in the village’s open field, Thirupathi becomes agitated and the locals decide to force him out. Bala fights back, but the police arrest him and torture him while he’s in detention. Soon later, he is returned to the hamlet, where the locals have instructed him not to beg for help, suggesting that he has misappropriated government monies. After receiving assistance from his former classmates, Bala returns to his hometown and becomes reliant on his driving father Narayanan (Naren). After getting better, his former teacher Ansari insists that he start tutoring at home. following several unsuccessful attempts to get hired at private junior institutions. When Meenakshi shows up, she resolves to wed him. They observed a little child who wanted to learn but was unable to do so because of poverty. His father was always putting pressure on him to get a job.

Image from the movie "Vaathi"
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Bala has an idea and uses cassette cassettes to record his lectures, which he then sends to Bhupathi, Abhiram’s grandfather, who is a photographer in Sozhavaram. Every day at 6 PM, Bhupathi hosts special student performances in the adjacent theater, which is also where Bala’s lectures are broadcast. Every Sunday, Bala, posing as a dramatist, would travel to the village to answer questions and engage with the students. On exam day, Thirupathi tries to halt the pupils. After Bala defeats them, the pupils perform admirably, passing the tests with Muthu achieving the top spot and coming out as Kumar. All of the students receive financial aid from Thirupathi, who also promises to sponsor their future education in exchange for their support of his school. Bala requests that the kids accept it and promise to support less fortunate pupils in the future as they go up the socioeconomic scale.

Kumar continues his tale in the present, describing how the theater they attended is now a coaching facility for the impoverished, created by the former students who take turns instructing the new pupils every year. Although Kumar is unaware of Bala’s current location, it is revealed that the latter is still alive and that she and Meenakshi have founded the Ansari School of Knowledge to offer free education to Ooty’s impoverished.

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