Top Bollywood 2023 Action Movies

Aimal Film (2023)

The movie Animal, starring Ranbir Kapoor, has ignited a sincere discussion on the boundary between violence and sex. Concerns have also been expressed regarding the Censor Board’s selective removal and editing of sequences, given that Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s mafia thriller is obviously heavy on violence.

The movie sparks discussion, just like Reddy’s earlier picture Kabir Singh did. Swanand Kirkire recently referred to the film as awful and embarrassing, despite the fact that several praised it. He even expressed doubts about the portrayal of women in the movie.

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Jawan Film (2023)

After dispatching all of his adversaries, SRK transforms into a mummy and asks, “Main Kaun Hoon?” (Who am I?) with the expression on those actors’ faces who, due to the enormous demand for remuneration, are brought back to the shows after months in a coma. The usual Atlee drama is heightened when a child tells him, “I’ll find out who you are when I grow up!”

After thirty years, we have the police officer turned Robin Hood, Vikram Rathore SRK. He is taking all the necessary steps that the government ought to take to facilitate citizen life. Is Vikram the same SRK that we first saw now? Or are they distinct individuals? Who are they, if they are different after all? That is the main focus of the plot.

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Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire (2023)

Deva (played by Prabhas) and Vardha (Prithviraj) are good friends in the deadly city of Khansaar. Enraged, Deva is always willing to fight anyone who puts Vardha in danger. But Vardha asks his closest buddy to depart because of certain circumstances, and Deva says he will come back anytime Vardha needs him.
Deva is living a tranquil life apart from Khansaar, abstaining from all forms of violence as he promised his mother. Conversely, Vardha’s father, Raja Mannar (Jagapathi Babu), intends to name his son Khansaar’s heir.But in a struggle for the throne, Vardha is to be killed by Raja Mannar’s own ministers and counselors. One day, twenty-five years later, Vardha calls his friend Deva to ask for assistance.
Bloodshed and a great deal of suspense ensue in the next, which ultimately leads to part two.

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Tiger 3 (2023)

A teenage Zoya saw her father, ISI agent Rehan Nazar, perish in a bombing in 1999. Aatish Rehman, Nazar’s pupil, visits her following his funeral and persuades her to enlist in the ISI.

Currently, Avinash “Tiger” Singh Rathore receives a call from RAW chief Maithili Menon for a mission to rescue Gopi Arya, Tiger’s previous handler, who was apprehended in Afghanistan while attempting to obtain information from the Taliban regarding a mission that was scheduled to take place in Pakistan. After being rescued, Gopi tells Tiger that Zoya is a part of the mission and dies from his wounds……………

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Apurva Movie 2023

A group of local goons are seen looting a car for the most basic reason while traveling from Chambal to Agra, and the cause is given with such a long-a** build-up that you don’t even care. The reason it’s NH44 (likely because the route is Chambal to Jhansi) and you keep receiving individuals who might beat you to death merely to plunder your goods is because the goons are Sukhi (Abhishek Banerjee), Jugnu (Rajpal Yadav), Balli (Sumit Gulati), and Chhota (Aaditya Gupta)……….

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