Tiger 3 (2023 Film Review)

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Country:   India
Language:  Hindi
Release Date:  12 November 2023

Box Office

Budget:  $38,000,000
Revenue:  $47,000,000

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Yash Raj Films, First Step Productions

Technical Specs

Runtime:  2 h 34 min

A teenage Zoya saw her father, ISI agent Rehan Nazar, perish in a bombing in 1999. Aatish Rehman, Nazar’s pupil, visits her following his funeral and persuades her to enlist in the ISI.

Currently, Avinash “Tiger” Singh Rathore receives a call from RAW chief Maithili Menon for a mission to rescue Gopi Arya, Tiger’s previous handler, who was apprehended in Afghanistan while attempting to obtain information from the Taliban regarding a mission that was scheduled to take place in Pakistan. After being rescued, Gopi tells Tiger that Zoya is a part of the mission and dies from his wounds. Tiger starts spying on Zoya and is later sent to St. Petersburg, Russia, to protect Jibran Sheikh, a RAW agent who collaborated with Gopi and fled to Russia after being tracked down in Pakistan. After Tiger stops Zoya from killing Sheikh, Aatish captures Tiger and tells Tiger that he forced Zoya to kill Sheikh by drugging her almost to death and kidnapping both her and Tiger’s son Junior.

Image from the movie "Tiger 3"
© 2023 Yash Raj Films − All right reserved.

In return for Junior, Tiger and Zoya assemble their group of RAW operatives to steal a briefcase in Istanbul that belongs to Aatish and contains missile launch codes. After that, Aatish has Zoya and Tiger falsely accused of being traitors by their home nations, which results in Tiger’s imprisonment in an army jail in the north of Pakistan. It is revealed in a flashback that takes place twelve years earlier that Aatish planned to kill the Indian Army General in Vienna in order to thwart a peace agreement between India and Pakistan. Tiger is secretly informed by Zoya after she rejects the scheme. Shaheen Baig, Aatish’s expectant wife, attempts to carry out the assassination but is shot and killed by Tiger. After being arrested and expelled from the ISI, Aatish denied that his operatives were aware of the scheme.

Despite being given a death sentence, Tiger escapes with Pathaan’s assistance. After traveling to Islamabad, Tiger sees Hassan, his adopted son, whom he had saved during a mission in Ikrit. After returning to Istanbul, Tiger’s group, Zoya, and the ISI operatives Abrar and Javed discover that Aatish and Pakistani Army Chief of Army Staff General Imtiaz Haq are preparing to kill Pakistani Prime Minister Nasreen Irani so that Aatish may take her place. Tiger, Zoya, and their group break into Pakistan’s PMO and tell Irani about the scheme. Irani is taken to an underground bunker by Tiger and Zoya, where Tiger makes Haq disclose the plot to the public.

Image from the movie "Tiger 3"
© 2023 Yash Raj Films − All right reserved.

But Aatish murders Haq covertly with the assistance of Javed, who turns out to be Shaheen’s brother and sets Tiger up for the murder of Haq. Aatish and Javed find Irani and kill Abrar and Karan. Hassan gives his life so that Tiger and Zoya can assist Irani in getting away. Zoya kills Javed to exact revenge for the deaths of Karan and Abrar. After a fight between Tiger and Aatish, Tiger kills Aatish. Tiger, Zoya, and their group are shown to be innocent when Irani makes the public aware of Aatish’s scheme. Tiger gets in touch with Maithili and tells her he would always be available to help his nation.

Colonel Sunil Luthra calls Kabir Dhaliwal in a scene after the credits and gives him the task of killing an unnamed target.

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