डंकी (2023 Film Review)



Genres: Comedy, Drama


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Country:   India
Language:  Hindi, English
Release Date:  21 December 2023

Box Office

Budget:  $15,000,000

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Technical Specs

Runtime:  2 h 39 min

An elderly Manu escapes a London hospital in 2020. She makes contact with Puru Patel, an immigration attorney, and requests that he put her in touch with her ex-lover, Hardy. An old Hardy in Laltu, Punjab, is overjoyed to get Manu’s call. In order for him to use “dunki” to return her to India, she requests that they meet in Dubai.

Manu, who lives in Laltu with her pals Buggu and Ballu in 1995, longs to move to London in order to live a better life. Being Poor and illiterate, they tried multiple approaches but failed everytime in obtaining a visa. Hardy, an ex-soldier, comes to their village one day. Manu’s brother, who had saved him during battle, had returned to get his personal belongings when he discovered his brother had died in an accident, leaving Manu and her family in great need of money. In exchange for Manu’s brother’s generosity, he guarantees to assist her in getting to London.

Image from the movie "डंकी"
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They enroll in Geetu Gulati’s IELTS coaching program, where they meet Sukhi. Sukhi wishes to migrate to London in order to protect his former flame, who was given in marriage to a violently abusive nonresident resident. The others fail the examinations, while only Balli passes that exams.

After knowing that Balli’s ex-partner killed himself while in London, Sukhi too takes her own life. Traumatized, Hardy vows to use “dunki” to personally transport Manu and Buggu to London.

Image from the movie "डंकी"
© 2023 Red Chillies Entertainment − All right reserved.

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