Apurva (2023 film)

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अपूर्वा (2023)

95 min - Crime, Thriller - 15 November 2023
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Director:  Nikhil Nagesh Bhat
Writers:  Nikhil Nagesh Bhat



Genres: Crime, Thriller


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Country:   India
Language:  Hindi
Release Date:  15 November 2023

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Production Companies:  Star Studios, Cine1 Studios

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Runtime:  1 h 35 min

A car on the road is blocked and the people inside are shot by a gang of four people consisting of Jugnu, Sukha, Balli and Chota. They loot the jewellery as per the tip they received and agree to next loot on a truck. Apurva Kashyap is travelling in a bus to surprise her fiancé Siddharth “Sid”. The bus driver does not give way to Jungu which irks him and they forcefully overtake the bus and kill the driver and conductor. Sid calls Apurva and Sukha attends the calls, challenges Sid and kidnaps Apurva. It is revealed that Apurva and Sid met via an arranged marriage and fell in love.

The gang stop at an abandoned village in an empty train carriage where Chota threatens to rape Apurva to which she retaliates by pushing him away leading Chota to become angry and slap her across the face, rendering Apurva unconscious. Astrologer, Tara Chand, comes to the location and the gang tie him in the same carriage. Whilst the gang decides who will have sex with Apurva first, she regains consciousness and, along with Tara, they escape into the deserted village.

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They bump into Chota and Apurva kills him using a bucket. After discovering Chota’s body, the remaining gang members theorise that it must have been Tara who killed Chota and agree to kill him. Apurva finds a well in the middle of the abandoned village whilst trying to run from the gang. Meanwhile, the gang discover Tara’s hiding spot and kill him. Apurva takes Tara’s phone and calls Sid but Sid ignores it as he met Tara in the past in a bus.

When Sid finally answers the calls, he realises it is Apurva who tells him Chota and Sukha’s names. The police ask Sid to wait until the morning as they cannot go against the gang during the night. Apurva is found by Bali and, before killing her, he ask her to strip. Simply acting as if she is striping, Apurva stabs Bali with a knife she had previously hidden in the rocks. Sukha and Jugnu find Balli but Sukha refuses to take Balli to a hospital as he is fixated on Apurva.

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Apurva formulates a plan that leads to Jugnu falling into the well whilst they chase her. Jugnu is subsequently killed by Apurva who throws stones at him. Apurva finds the wounded Bali and kills him and attempts to run over Sukha. The car is destroyed, forcing Apurva to walk whilst Sukha follows her to the railway tracks. Noticing an oncoming train, Apurva attempts to push Sukha in front of it, only to be overpowered by him. Apurva garners enough strength to shove Sukha off of her and push them to opposite sides of the train. An injured Sukha expresses his love for Apurva and his desire to marry her. Apurva kills Sukha.

Apurva reaches a railway crossing cabin and calls Sid.

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